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How we groom your dog

It all starts by you contacting us for an appointment.


You bring your dogs to us at your appointment time and a groomer will come out and ask you how you would like the hair cut, most times we can meet your requests but sometimes the fur is matted, or too tight so it can't be done, in which case this will be discussed with you at the time. There is an odd occasion where the matting is worse then first thought once we start and so we have to go a bit shorter then planned but we try our best to keep it as close to your request as possible. 


We ask you for any medical or known health/ skin issues with your dog, if they have a reaction to something we use and you haven't mentioned any allergies we aren't responsible. 

Then we take the dog from you and tell you a time for when they will be ready so you can return around that time and pick them up.   


Due to dogs with anxiety and aggression and other issues that make their behaviour worse with people walking back a forth in front of them we DO NOT allow owners to come back and watch their dogs process as we have a duty of care to all the dogs in our care to provide a calm and happy place.

Once we have your dog(s) in our salon we put them straight into the hydro bath to get all the dirt and grit out of their coat and make them all clean then its a full blow dry. During the blow dry we can see your dogs skin as we are going over the coat so most skin issues or grass seeds are noticed at this time and if possible we try and remove all grass seeds that aren't completely burred under the skin already to try and avoid you the surgery costs of removing them.

Nails are then clipped. We don't file dogs nails as in our past experience very few will allow/ tolerate it been done. Dogs nails naturally file down while walking on rough surfaces however their very sharp strong teeth do not blunt off. 


Now its time to start the hair cut, we always try and get the length as close to your request as possible but if its more knotted then we first noticed then we will have to go a bit short as the animals health and comfort is our first priority and knotted fur pulls on the skin and hurts the dogs.    

Lastly a perfume/ cologne spray is applied to the coat for a longer lasting great smelling coat

                       Duty of  Care

We are only human and we endeavour to do our best at all times but just like everyone we are fallible.

We don't know your dog like you do so we don't know where all warts and skin tags are hiding so sometimes they can get nicked. 

There is a vein that runs down every dogs nail, in dogs with black nails we can not see this vein and so its a judgement on how far back we can cut the nail, even with white nails we can still misjudge occasionally. In these instances we have somethings called Stypic powder which stops the bleeding very quickly. Medical intervention is not required.

After your dog is groomed just as when we go to the hair dresses your dog will come home with a bit of fur loose on their body, a quick walk on our grass and or shake out the front before you get in your car is recommended to prevent fur on your seats.


We give owners a time to come back and collect their dog but all that it takes is one dog with a medical issue like us finding grass seeds or an aggressive dog to throw out our timeline, we ask that you please understand this and we do out best to keep to the times we give you. 

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