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All grooming includes the haircut, warm hydrobath and blow dry, nails cut and ear hair plucked if requested

Small Breed Groom $60

Medium Breed Groom $75

Large Breed Groom $95

XL Breed groom $115 (double coated or quiet heavy large breed dogs eg samoyds)

Spray on colours that wash out 

Ears $5

Tail $5

Face, Feet, Bum trim, Wash, Dry and Nails trimmed


Small Breed $40

Medium Breed $55

Large Breed $65


Can be varied to feathering trimmed from legs and stomach in bigger breed dogs  

Wash and Blow dry 

Small Breed $25

Large Breed $30


Large Breed wash, dry and full brush out $50 - $60 

Nail trim only $5

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