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About the Business 

We are a family owned and operated business.


Furtastic Dog Grooming was founded in March 2004, back then we were a mobile service but as the years went by, the heat and the rain took its toll so in May 2010 we opened up our salon in Canham Way Greenwood and ended our mobile service.

We can groom all types of dogs that walk through the door from the very big to the very small. We have owned many breeds ourselves so we are very good at getting the cut right for the breed.

We aren't a generic one breed gets this cut only business, you as the owner tell us what you would like done and we try our best with the coat conditions we are given to be able to fulfill your requests.

About the Staff

Our Groomers have a very large skill set to be able to groom any breed dog that comes in. We have 2 groomers, 2 drying people and 1 person washing the dogs.


Our groomer Jessica has over 14 years experience while other groomer Brian has over 10 years experience. Both groomers can do all breed clips while Jessica specialises in specific breed cuts like the Westies, Scotties, Schnauzers and Poodles, She can also do Mohawks and other design clips owners may ask for. Brian specialises in the larger breed clips like Border collies and Groodles.

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