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Animal  Op Shop

In May 2019 we decided that we wanted to do more to help the pets of Perth and so we started up the Animal Op Shop. We rely completely on DONATIONS from the public for anything animal related or that could be used for an animal not just cats and dogs but any animal that is a pet. 


Cot mattresses and pillows that aren't stained can be used as bedding, we have lots of jackets to keep dogs warm and bowls and placemats to keep the food areas clean, leads and collars of differnt sizes and styles, containers to hold biscuits, towles, toys and much more and all for very low prices to help those who would otherwise have to go without due to financial hardships 

All jackets are $1 each as every dog should be warm on a cold night. We have had in portable cat enclosure and foam single bed mattress which have flown out the door. We are always in need of anything that you have laying around your house that is no longer used or needed by your pets so that others can get some use out of it. 

The more people who Donate items and the more people that come in a purchase things the faster the proceeds grow and the faster we can keep helping animals in need.

Please like the page on Facebook and share it as much as possible so we can help as many as possible.

Search the animal op shop on Facebook or copy and paste

All proceeds are going to those who need it the most, Animals in need of vet care. Once $300 has been reached each time we will ask on our Animal Op Shop page on Facebook for those with a health care card or a pension card to privately message us and our aim is to help pay of as many vet bills as we can with the $300 each time. we understand that there is a lot of people struggling and a lot of animals in need of vet care but we cant help everyone so at least this way we can help a few or at least 1 big vet bill each time. The money is paid directly to the vet clinic so the animal must be under the name of the person holding the card.   

The animal op shop is located inside our premises at Furtastic Dog Grooming

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